Thank You FPU!!


Words cannot express how thankful I am for having taken Financial Peace University! As I mentioned in my January 1st post, we were anticipating my husband losing his job.  He stopped working in March and the checks stopped arriving in May.  Now it is almost August and I am so thankful that we completely got […]

Welcome 2015!

Debt Free Dance

Yeah…Yeah…I know it has been an ENTIRE year since I last wrote on this blog.  I have discovered that working on a Master’s degree requires A LOT of writing. My mental energy has been utilized elsewhere. If you remember, in my Welcome 2014 post, I publicly posted a financial goal to pay off our HELOC […]

Welcome 2014!


Happy New Year!! 2014 is here and if you are like me your head is spinning just a bit!  It seemed that Thanksgiving was here and now suddenly we are at the beginning…again. Changes in 2013. Change began last year when I decided to expand my brain and begin a Master’s in Ministry program.  The […]

Can I Use My 401(k) to Buy a Car Before I Retire?

Although 401(k) plans are intended to be used for retirement, you may be able to get money out before you retire. Many people think about withdrawing from their 401(k) plan, but you are only able to withdraw from it if you left or lost your job, are permanently disabled or are experiencing financial hardship. Even […]

I’ll Never Forget…but I Wish I Could


  I almost forgot until last night. As I took a quick peek at Facebook right before going to bed, I stumbled on a few statuses that reminded me what today was…September 11th. I’ll never forget… I’ll never forget the gorgeous morning with the blue cloudless sky as I hopped into the airport van with […]

Braces-Free at 40!

My husband and me at our 40th birthday party.

In February 2012, I wrote a post about Getting Braces at 40. I had previously had braces in my late 20’s and did not really want to repeat the process right before I turned the big 4-0! In April 2012, I had the appliances put on just 2 months before I turned 40. Needless to […]

Where Have You Been?!?

Marriage Bound

This is the question you may or may not have been asking yourself since the beginning of the year. I could go into some spiel about how busy I am with kids, cleaning, cooking, etc, but you’d see through that, right? Well, I have been busy with all of those things, but I have had a […]

Understanding Your Long Distance Moving Price

Moving, even to a nearby city, can be stressful; however, such a local move can be done in several trips and at a minimal cost. Long distance moving, or interstate moving, is a totally different story. One cannot make trips back and forth if they are moving, say 5 states away. The most logical alternative […]