Millionaires have Multiple Income Streams

Did you know that most millionaires have multiple income streams? They say that the average millionaire has 5-7 income streams. I have heard this statistic before, but I always assumed it had to be in real estate or franchising or some other way where you had to have a large net worth. This is not true! […]

WordPress Website for Business Beginners

Save money on website design. Did you know that YOU can set up an run your own website? This is especially helpful for the new business owner who has limited funds, but needs a virtual spot for clients to go to. For years, I designed websites. I did not study programming or computer science in college. […]

Ibotta App is my New BFF

Y’all! I am putting together a brand new money saving/money making list and I stumbled on something big! First…the background story. A couple months ago I was reading my All You magazine and they talked about an app that has virtual coupons. I like saving money, so I dog-eared the page and decided to look […]

Discovering Nicole and 1K1Day

Have you ever read the book, StrengthsFinder?  If you haven’t, you should stop now, click on the image and get it! The book comes with an online test that will help you discover your strengths.  Knowing these will either make you say, “AHA! That is why I do such-and-such” OR it will help you figure out […]


I am taking Chalene Johnson’s Virtual Business Academy and she highly recommends outsourcing.  Outsourcing is when you pay someone else to do something you would normally do.  For example, we have someone cut our lawn twice a month.  We outsourced that job because my husband was traveling so much that his time with the family was […]

Where to Start in Building a Business

Where do I start? Great question…not sure of the answer.  I always started with building a website.  Why? Because that is what I knew how to do.  I started designing websites by accident.  I did one for a friend because I had been learning how to code and that led to the next person and […]

Building a Business Debt Free

Can you build a business without going into debt? It can be done.  I have heard that people do it all the time.  The problem for me is that I only discover them when they are already making 1000’s of dollars a month.  In fact, Dave Ramsey talks about doing this in his book EntreLeadership. […]

Why I joined a Direct Sales Company…Again.

Years ago my husband and I were part of an MLM company.  We spent many years and a lot of money building a team of people. It was working for us until one day it suddenly came to a screeching halt when the leaders of our team decided to “take a stand” against the company […]