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How did you get into debt? Part 1

Some people may wonder how in the world you get into debt. Slowly…then quickly. We actually have been out of debt twice! It was a great feeling while it lasted. Unfortunately, we did not have the knowledge of how or why staying out of debt was so important. It makes me wonder…if paying bills is […]

Week 2 of FPU

We are in week two of our small group going through FPU. Last night we took an anonymous account of the group’s debt and got a whopping $483,401!!! Can you believe it? We only have 9 couples in our group. That is about $53,711 in debt per couple! Yikes! We are going to do what […]

FPU Class Starts Today!!

Today is the day!! We are coordinators for Financial Peace University for our small group.  Our first meeting is today…yes, on Valentines Day.  I’m excited for my group and can’t wait to see what changes are in store!! As for our personal climb out of the debt-ditch…we just paid off a $943 credit card and […]