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Week 1 of Spring Cleaning happened during the week of Spring Break. I can honestly tell you that I did not clean as much as I would have liked. I did, however, tackle the junk drawer.

Remember this:

Junk Drawer

Now it looks like this:

Junk Drawer After

Massive improvement! I even had a talk with my main drawer-messer-upper and told him exactly where things were. I was amazed at how many loose batteries we had in there. Whether they work or not is a completely different story. I even sharpened all the pencils! {After I found the sharpeners, of course.} I’m hoping this stays clean for longer than a week.

In the meantime, I finally got my big boy’s winter clothes stored in a bin and took out ALL the holey jeans…all 7 pairs! SEVEN pairs of jeans with holes in the right knee!?! When I ask him what he is doing on that knee, he doesn’t know. Suuuuuurrre you don’t, Honey.

My littlest man still has clothes all over his room. Not his fault…all mine. I was going through all his itty bitty summer clothes and sent them off to my nephew in Chicago. {They are itty bitty compared to what he’s in now.} Now I just have to purge the sizes that my nephew won’t fit into. I’m sure I can find someone with a baby boy around here that can use them.

I was able to fill 2 garbage bags full of clothes that do not fit me. I also discovered some clothes that now fit me, thanks to! After the January challenge where I worked out for a month, I kept going. I figured why waste what I accomplished in 4 weeks! I can actually feel my abs. I thought I had lost them forever after 3 c-sections!

There you have it! I’m moving a little slow and not every day, but at least there is some progress. A little is better than nothing, right?!?

You should check out how Christie did with her attic! She documented quite a bit {and got a lot more accomplished than my piddly little drawer}. Plus the pictures are hysterical! 

Onto week 2…

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